Feldenkrais classes and workshops will restart late January 2021 (live and online)

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Note new address for individual Feldenkrais and Massage , Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2 Woodward St, level 7


As a total beginner to Feldenkrais I had no idea what to expect, or even what it was, I just vaguely hoped it would be good for my health and fitness. With Sue’s calm manner and the quiet atmosphere of classes where no one is looking at you, I found it so much nicer than a gym environment. The movements turned out to be surprising and intriguing. Low-key and gentle, they still take effort to perform, and they connect brain and body in unusual and quirky ways that you can feel are doing you good, all over. I was quickly hooked on this style of exercise because of how good I feel afterwards -  the general sensation of wellbeing and happiness, because you become energised yet relaxed, lasts for the rest of the day. I can thoroughly recommend it to people of all ages.”    - Kate

Studying for exams, Eva noticed her body becoming tense, her muscles tightening and her shoulders becoming rounded. The sessions with Sue, helped her more intuitively re-connect with her body.  The Feldenkrais way of understanding the body resonated with Eva immediately.  Through a slowing down and reflecting on her movement, Eva has re-learned how to use her body, experiencing differences in how she holds herself.
- Susan Knox

Washington Post Article About Back Pain

How journalist Lisa Rein overcame years of back pain....

You don't need to go to Washington !   Feldenkrais Method lessons (group and individual) are available right here in NZ !

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"Thanks for a great lesson.  I still had a lot of pain in my shoulder and arm...and wasn't sure I could do lesson. Wrist aching as well. No pain after lesson and I have full movement and pain free this morning still !! "    -  Patricia Green, Senior Analyst, government department

"Sue used Feldenkrais lessons to fix my shoulder injury which had eluded treatment for years.  Along the way I learned to kayak with more power, and my Aikido improved beyond recognition" - Conrad Edwards

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"I feel like I've given myself a massage"
"I feel taller, lighter"
"My shoulders have dropped" 

My students often report unexpected benefits

About me - Sue Field 

I offer a unique combination of massage and movement/postural education (Feldenkrais Method).   I have over 20 years' experience, and I'm passionate about helping you to improve your quality of life.
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" I moved desks recently and an occupational assessment person came to check my seating. She complimented me on my posture; she said it was perfect, ... a model of how to sit at work!" - Geeta Das, Feldenkrais student

Late last year, Sue Field introduced me to the Feldenkrais Method. I had been suffering from some issues in my lower back and right thigh and, after many months of...treatment.... (click to read more)