Muscle Memory and Pain

What is Muscle Memory ?

"the ability to reproduce a particular movement without conscious thought, acquired as a result of frequent repetition of that movement."

 We tend to think of muscle memory with specialised skills such as riding a bike, touch typing, dancing, etc.   Actually, all our basic movement capabilities (mostly developed in our first year of life), depend on muscle memory.  Over a lifetime we develop our own unique set of movement habits, which may also include inefficient, unbalanced patterns that cause us pain.

The key to improving your muscular habits (movement and posture) is attention, rather than
mindless repetition.   

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Awareness through Movement Classes
combine movement, thought and attention.   Under guidance of a qualified Feldenkrais Teacher (minimum 4 years training) you explore a specific movement sequence.   Paying attention to the process of movement brings changes surprisingly quickly.  


Ease Pain and Stress - Enjoy Life More

The Feldenkrais Method is based on neuroplasticity, human development and biomechanics.   It was developed by Israeli scientist, engineer, and Judo master Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais , in order to rehabilitate from his injuries.

As a Feldenkrais Method movement teacher I’m trained to analyse your posture and gait , and design functional movement lessons to help you live more comfortably.

"Make the impossible possible, then easy, then elegant" - Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais


"Thanks for a great lesson.  I still had a lot of pain in my shoulder and arm...and wasn't sure I could do lesson. Wrist aching as well. No pain after lesson and I have full movement and pain free this morning still !! "    -  Patricia Green, Senior Analyst, government department

"Sue used Feldenkrais lessons to fix my shoulder injury which had eluded treatment for years.  Along the way I learned to kayak with more power, and my Aikido improved beyond recognition" - Conrad Edwards

These are some comments from people after a Feldenkrais class.    Read more

"I feel like I've given myself a massage"
"I feel taller, lighter"
"My shoulders have dropped" 

My students often report unexpected benefits

About me - Sue Field 

I offer a unique combination of massage and movement/postural education (Feldenkrais Method).   I have over 20 years' experience, and I'm passionate about helping you to improve your quality of life.
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More Testimonials

" I moved desks recently and an occupational assessment person came to check my seating. She complimented me on my posture; she said it was perfect, ... a model of how to sit at work!" - Geeta Das, Feldenkrais student

Late last year, Sue Field introduced me to the Feldenkrais Method. I had been suffering from some issues in my lower back and right thigh and, after many months of...treatment.... (click to read more)