About Me

Body Balance is the practice of Sue Field and is now situated at 2 Woodward St, level 7.

Sue Field, CFP, ND, BSc.
Massage Therapist
Feldenkrais Teacher
suefieldnelson@hotmail.com   text/ph 0274667123

I am passionate about helping you to improve your health and well-being.    Better still, to empower you with the skills to help yourself.
I use massage to release soft tissue tension, and body awareness techniques to change ingrained muscular habits.   I design each session to suit your individual needs. 
I became a professional massage therapist in 1987, and have explored various self-help systems.  After the Feldenkrais Method enabled me to recover from chronic neck and back problems, I trained in the Method in Sydney 1993-97, and have been using it successfully with clients with a range of needs.
I love physical activity, including walking, dancing, yoga, and going to the gym.   The body awareness I gain through using the Feldenkrais Method means I can do all these activities with more pleasure, better ability, and without injury.   The fact that I have been massaging for 30 years is a testament to my self help skills.
I also have an IT background, and I bring that clarity of thinking to analysing clients' movement and postural patterns - systems analysis for the musculo-skeletal system is a fascinating topic ! 
I get referrals from doctors, chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists as well as satisfied clients.