The Feldenkrais Method®

Who can benefit ?   (A few examples)

  • People with pain, tension or injury
  • Office workers who want to improve posture and manage/prevent overuse
  • Builders, roofers, etc  doing strong physical work
  • Anyone who wants to move more easily and comfortably
  • Those with neurological conditions such as stroke
  • People recovering from joint surgery
  • Those who find yoga or pilates a bit daunting

My Story - by Sue Field

The Feldenkrais Method enabled me to resolve chronic neck and shoulder tension.   Other treatments, yoga, or exercises only gave temporary relief.     I experienced many other benefits in the process - improved posture, breathing habits, and generally I'm a lot more relaxed person.   The Method has also given me a sense of "effortless power" which has enabled me to continue doing the hard physical work of professional massage for over 25 years - much longer than most massage therapists !

What is the Feldenkrais Method ? (Pronounced Fell-den-krice)

A system of specially designed movement lessons which use movement and attention to help you improve your movement and postural habits.     It's based on biomechanics and neuroplasticity - i.e. the brain's ability to incorporate new patterns of action   (as in learning to drive a car or play a musical instrument).

Its founder, Israeli scientist Dr Moshe Feldenkrais, developed it in response to his own knee injuries.

"Feldenkrais fixed the shoulder problem that had eluded physio for years.  I'm now kayaking better ..with more power, and my posture and aikido have both improved beyond recognition" -  Conrad Edwards, mathematician

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How does it work ?

Feldenkrais lessons combine movement, attention, and thinking, to improve function. 

You will  learn to

  • release tension and allow the spine and deep postural muscles to do their work of supporting you in gravity
  • improve function - learn well coordinated muscle action for stability and mobility
  • modify postural habits associated with anxiety and fight/flight responses
  • develop mindfulness through paying attention to your body and its movements 

How is it different from yoga or pilates ?

Feldenkrais allows you to explore movement in your own way, at your own pace.   The lessons give insight into your deeply ingrained, muscular habits, and introduce new possibilities.    It's an adult version of the powerful learning process you used as a baby.

You will also develop a level of body awareness and learning ability that you can apply to these other disciplines.

I offer group classes (see timetable) and individual lessons. 

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"Late last year, Sue Field introduced me to the Feldenkrais Method. I had been suffering from some issues in my lower back and right thigh and, after many months of...treatment..." (click to read more)

Try this simple brief Feldenkrais lesson

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