About the Feldenkrais Method®

Where does it come from ?  

See below for originator Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais

New Zealand Feldenkrais® Guild

The Guild is our professional body, responsible for the Method's standards, and is linked to other Feldenkrais® Guilds internationally.    

Feldenkrais® practitioners in N Z must have completed an internationally approved training over a 4 year period.

In addition, a  certified Feldenkrais Practitioner also does regular post-graduate study, and a required number of hours in practice.

Feldenkrais practitioners have spent years exploring their own, and others, movement habits.  They have developed the skills to observe subtle aspects of your posture and movement.   They are trained to help you unravel inefficient habits that interfere with quality of life. 

Sue Field

I am a certified Feldenkrais Practitioner.    I  trained in Sydney 1993-97 and have been using the Method to help clients with a wide range of issues ever since.

Who was Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais?

He was the originator of the Method. Dr. Feldenkrais was born in Russia in 1904 and spent much of his life in Israel and Europe. He graduated from the Sorbonne with a Doctorate in Applied Physics. A judo black belt, he was instrumental in introducing this martial art to the Western world. A severe knee injury sustained while playing soccer, provided the impetus which led him to a lifetime study of the structure and function of the human nervous system and the relationship between human development, learning and movement.

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