How does it Work?

The Feldenkrais Method is a learning system.     By slowing down movement and paying more attention to how you move, you can start to unravel tense inefficient movement and postural habits.

A Feldenkrais lesson is a scientifically designed sequence of movements.   It will challenge you to move in new, thought-provoking ways.

You will increase your repertoire of movement possibilities, allowing your body to spontaneously access better-coordinated muscle action, and improve posture.

How Long Does it Take ?

We naturally fall back into habits - habits of posture, of breathing, of ways of moving, of muscular tension.

However, our brain is very smart, and by regularly exploring movement in new ways, new habits will replace the old ones.   

Hard to imagine how that would work ?

Feldenkrais lessons have to be experienced to be appreciated.    A qualified Feldenkrais teacher has done extensive training (including many hours of personal practical experience).  She has learnt to observe subtle aspects of your habits, and help you to feel them, and change them. 

New habits become automatic

Like learning to drive a car, the brain (which controls the muscles) learns what to do, and it becomes automatic.  You will also develop the ability to become more adaptable, and make conscious changes more easily (e.g. walk or stand differently to relieve discomfort) 

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