How is the Feldenkrais Method® taught?

The Method is taught in two ways:

Group lessons - Awareness Through Movement®

This is usually taught in groups, but can also be one-on-one. I verbally guide the students through a series of movements and exploration. Attention is drawn to the process of each movement, and students learn to observe the quality of change in their bodies.  You will learn to develop awareness, flexibility and co-ordination.

Lessons can involve small subtle movements or large dynamic movements.

Please see my class timetable.

Individual sessions - Functional Integration®

This is an individualised process for people with specific needs, or who want to progress faster.

I will:

  • Observe how you move / sit / stand
  • Bring your attention to the above
  • Give you specific movement exercises
  • Do some hands-on work with you - I inform your system through passive movement and touch 
  • I usually give people a small, manageable amount of "homework".

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