More than just an occasional indulgence ! 

Professional massage will -

  • alleviate the pain and tension related to stress, postural imbalances, injury etc.
  • used regularly it will help prevent further problems
  • soothe the mind and emotions
  • stimulate circulation and lymph flow
  • help keep muscles healthy and flexible

Get help with postural strains and imbalances which contribute to muscular tension.

More than just a massage:  Sue has 20 years specialist training and experience to help you with function: posture, flexibility, breathing.....  

Choose from Therapeutic (Deep Tissue) Massage; Relaxation Massage; Sports Massage; Hot Stone Massage; Workplace Massage.

Half hour, one hour, or hour and a half appointments available. Not sure what you need? Contact us, we are happy to advise you.

Frequently asked questions: Benefits; Conditions helped by Massage; Massage and other treatments; What to Expect/Privacy; How Many Treatments?; How does it work?