How Many Treatments Are Required?

Your massage therapist will discuss this with you after assessment and treatment.

Several sessions may be required, especially for longer-term problems.

However, massage is extremely cost-effective.
The first session usually provides considerable relief , with noticeable improvement after just a few weekly treatments.

Occasionally, treatment is recommended more than once a week. This is usually for a brief time early on in a treatment programme.

Avoid costly treatments:

Book in for regular maintenance appointments – weekly, fortnightly, monthly. This helps prevent pain and injury by diagnosing and treating muscular tension as it arises.

Regular massage also helps to manage day-to-day stress, and enhances physical and mental well-being.

The choice is yours.
Your massage therapist will work with you to design a programme to fit with your health needs and budget.

Your therapist will also advise on whether other treatments, and/or a medical diagnosis is required.

Choose from Therapeutic (Deep Tissue) Massage; Relaxation Massage; Sports Massage; Hot Stone Massage; Workplace Massage.

Half hour, one hour, or hour and a half appointments available. Not sure what you need? Contact us, we are happy to advise you.

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